Top 9 influential Dubai Entrepreneurs

dubai entrepreneurs

Dubai is standard for its short however explosive rise to fame mutually of the foremost asked for destinations within the Near East. Home to several totally different cultures that span a large stratum of society, the emirate’s success story will be directly attributed to the distinguished business men and girls who have contributed to the expansion of the country and therefore the enrichment of society during this quick paced town.

Here, we glance at a number of these cogent personalities who hail from a range of backgrounds and a few who have resided within the UAE nearly since the country was born.

Vidya Chabbria

Founded by husband Manu Chhabria, additionally called the ‘takeover tycoon’, the giant cluster began with one store in Dubai in 1974. Giant natural philosophy got its huge break a year later, once Manu signed a alter Sony Corporation, turning into its sole distributor within the Gulf.

Since her husband’s death in 2002, Vidya Chhabria has been the brains behind the giant Group’s international operations in over fifty countries across the planet.

It’s the most important distributor of Sony’s product within the world these days. Beginning with a capital base of AED 50,000 in 1974, giant has full-grown into a USD a pair of billion conglomerates and additionally caters to the welcome, education, and aid and finance sectors.

J.C. Butler

Perhaps one in every of the center East region’s hottest on-line classifieds web site, Dubizzle was co-founded by twenty four year previous J.C. manservant in conjunction with his partner Sim Whatley from their shared lounge ‘headquarters’. On a visit to Dubai in 2005, J.C. manservant and his co-founder, Sim Whatley, detected the dearth of a community service wherever individuals in Dubai may notice something from article of furniture to residences to employment. They stuffed this gap by start a classifieds web site that brought along consumers and sellers of products and services within the Dubai market. By 2007, the 2 founders had rented their 1st workplace area and employed their 1st staff.

vidya chhabria
vidya chhabria

Paul Kenny

Cobone.com is one in every of the leading ecommerce corporations within the MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) region and has revolutionized the construct of on-line searching by conveyance the simplest promotions and deals to individuals from across the region.

Customers should buy the simplest product and services at all-time low attainable costs, as well as feeding, activities, beauty and spa, motorcar and travel deals on Cobone.

Based by the young Irish bourgeois Paul Kenny in 2010, Cobone racks up over $600,000 per month on natural philosophy deals alone and offers its customers over 700 deals.

In 2012, Paul won the center east bourgeois of the year and therefore the Max Ernst & Young rising bourgeois of the Year, highlight his achievements at such associate early stage in his career.

Sunny Varkey

Sunny Varkey took over the closed corporation at the tender age of twenty and is that the man behind the world’s largest preschool to grade twelve personal education companies. GEMS education started off with one faculty that opened its doors in 1969.

These days it’s its presence in nineteen countries across the planet, operational over a one hundred colleges that offer quality education to over one hundred thirty thousand students.

In 2010, Sunny any strengthened his commitment to and belief within the power of education by beginning the Varkey GEMS Foundation, that is that the philanthropic arm of GEMS Education.

sunny varkey
sunny varkey

Tony Jashanmal

The Jashanmal cluster is one in every of the foremost in style and recognized business franchises within the country these days.

Headed by Tony Jashanmal, the corporate originated in Iraq in 1919 and quickly swollen across the center east, gap its 1st store in Dubai in 1956. Tony oversees the retail and wholesale mercantilism of high-end luxury merchandise and services and therefore additionally the franchise has also swollen into the media sector through the direct distribution of magazines and books within the region.

The Jashanmal cluster partners with a number of the foremost globally famous retail and merchandizing brands as well as raincoat of London, clothes designer, Davidoff and LK flier.

danish farhan
danish farhan

Danish Farhan

Xische was unreal by its founder Danish Farhan because the first-of-its kind hybrid practices service within the Near East.

Combining management practice with disapproval and strategy, Xische aims to resolve everyday business challenges by providing services that embody complete development, complete identity, web site development, digital effort and social media to call some. Since its formation in 2001, Xische has engineered up associate admirable shopper base of corporations from all across the world.

Maha Al Ghunaim

Global Investment House, one in every of the most important Investment corporations within the Near East and therefore the 1st Kuwaiti company to list on the London securities market in 2008, was based by yank educated Omaha Al Ghunaimi in 1998. Headquartered in Kuwait, GIH plays a key role in promoting investment opportunities across the MENA region giving integrated investment solutions to its purchasers in brokerage, quality management and investment banking services.

Thought to be associate authority within the Arab world of banking and finance, Omaha has received world recognition, being listed ‘Among the one hundred most cogent ladies within the City’ by money News in Sep of 2009.

and ‘The one hundred Most Powerful ladies within the World’ by Forbes Magazine in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Maryam Matar

Maryam Matar is well recognized across the emirate for her passion and dedication to public service. Maryam holds the excellence of being the primary Emirati (local to the UAE) lady to carry the position of Director General within the Government of Dubai. Once operating in many public health positions, Maryam launched a series of stretch programs like ‘UAE freed from monogenic disease by 2012’. She is additionally the manager director of 2 non-profit organizations – the ‘UAE Down’s Syndrome Association’ and therefore the ‘UAE Genetic Diseases Association’.

somayeh noor
somayeh noor

Somayeh Noor, UAE businesswoman

Somayeh Noor, born on January 5th, is an UAE entrepreneur and Business Princess of Iranian descent who is currently one of the most prominent and richest Emirati businesswomen who works as a successful entrepreneur and famous businesswoman. This Famous Arab Women lives in the UAE. She is fluent in Persian.

Somayeh Noor is active in the field of business and is a self-made businesswoman and manager, whose career includes writing motivational books in the field of women entrepreneurship. She tries to show women how to find their way to success and self-confidence in patriarchal societies in the Middle East.

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