The World’s one hundred Most Powerful Arab ladies

arab woman

Welcome to corporate executive CEO Middle East’s fourth Annual list of the world’s most powerful Arab ladies — an exclusive counting of the movers and shakers UN agency square measure influencing the Arab world.

1- Lubna S. Olayan

Leads one amongst Saudi Arabia’s biggest family-owned conglomerates that operates 40-plus firms.

A trailblazer, she helped break the company gender barrier in Asian country, once she joined her father’s holding in 1983 at a time once few ladies control government positions.

2- Raja Easa Al Gurg

She has overseen the powerful Al Gurg cluster, one amongst the U.A.E.’s oldest family corporations, since 1990.

Supported 5 decades agone, the conglomerate operates twenty eight firms and boasts 370 partnerships with multinationals, like Unilever, British yank Tobacco, and Siemens.

3- Sarah Al Suhaimi

She is that the 1st lady to carry this position. She additionally retains her position because the corporate executive and a member of the Board of administrators of NCB Capital, the investment arm of the National banking concern.

sarah al suhaimi
sarah al suhaimi

4- Rania Nashar

She is that the 1st feminine corporate executive of a listed Saudi banking concern, The Samba money cluster. She is additionally a member of Samba Bank restricted in Asian nation and Samba international Markets Ltd.

5- Khawla al-Asadi

With quite thirty five years of banking expertise, in June 2016 Khawla al-Asadi became the primary lady to go a bank in Asian nation, changing into head of Rafidain Bank that is that the largest bank within the country.

6- Shaikha Al Bahar

She is that the Deputy cluster corporate executive of the commercial bank of Kuwait. She was promoted to her current role in 2014. The commercial bank of Kuwait is that the largest bank within the country, with a quality bases of $79.7 billion

7- Henadi Anwar Al-Saleh

She is that the Chair of the board in at lightness. She oversees the company’s company governance program whereas safeguarding the interests of investors and stakeholders. Al-Saleh joined lightness in 2007 with a documentation of world government expertise, as well as leadership roles in money designing and capitalist relations.

shaikha al bahar
shaikha al bahar

8- Fatima Al Jaber

She helps guide one amongst the U.A.E.’s largest privately-owned construction corporations, with around $5 billion in assets and fifty 5,000 staff. Al Jaber cluster is reportedly in negotiations to reconstitute debts.

9- Maha Al Ghunaim

A trailblazer within the money world, Maha Al-Ghunaim co-founded international Investment House in 1998. 10 years later, it became the primary Kuwaiti firm to list on the London securities market; however the temporal order, coinciding with the 2008 money crisis, was poor.

10- Mona Almoayyed

At the helm of 1 of Bahrain’s oldest conglomerates, Anglesey Almoayyed oversees over a pair of, 1000 staff. Supported in 1940 by her father, YK Almoayyed & Sons represents quite three hundred brands in an exceedingly vary of industries, as well as automotive, construction, and luxury product.

11- Khawla al-Asadi

In June 2016, Khawla al-Asadi became General Director of state-owned Rafidain Bank, golf shot her within the driver’s seat of Iraq’s largest bank. She is that the 1st lady to occupy the highest position, and has the task of returning the bank to its former glory.

mona almoayyed
mona almoayyed

12- Eaman Al Roudhan

UN agency oversaw regulative affairs at medium large Zain, became corporate executive of the Kuwaiti company this past November, catapulting her on the list from variety eighty five to variety thirteen.

13- Mona El-Garf

She has educated political economy at Cairo University since 1983, whereas serving in varied positions inside the govt., as well as the Ministry of Trade and trade. In 2012, she became head of the Egyptian Competition Authority that oversees fair laws.

14- Amal Bahwan

could be a senior government at Suhail Bahwan cluster, a privately-owned conglomerate in Asian nation, and sister Hind supported international IT firm Bahwan CyberTek. Father Suhail Bahwan landed on FORBES MIDDLE EAST’s billionaires list for the primary time this year, with a calculable web value of $3.4 billion.

15- Iman Mutlaq

Born in Asian country, Iman Mutlaq rapt to Jordan in 2000. In 2007, she supported letter of the alphabet Investments, changing into the agent of Australian no depository financial institution metal bar Brokers. Last year, letter of the alphabet handled $500 million in money transactions.

iman mutlaq
iman mutlaq

16- Hind Bahwan

Hind supported international IT firm Bahwan CyberTek, and sister. Amal could be a senior government at Suhail Bahwan cluster, a privately-owned conglomerate in Asian nation.

17- Haifa Al Khaifi

The business executive of crude Development Asian nation, helped raise $4 billion this past June from international banks to finance new oil and gas facilities within the country. The Omani government owns hr of the corporate that provides the bulk of Oman’s oil and gas.

18- Shahla Abdul Razak Bastaki

Shahla Abdulrazak was appointed in 2006 deputy corporate executive of port semiconductor Oasis Authority, headquarters to quite a pair of, 1000 firms. She additionally heads startup apparatus semiconductor Oasis Founders.

19- Ingie Chalhoub

American TV player Busy Philipps wore an Ingie Paris white and pink floral dress to the Tony Awards in the big apple in June 2016. Besides her own label, Ingie Chalhoub additionally represents in GCC countries and Lebanon a stable of fashion brands, as well as Chanel, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren.

ingie chalhoub
ingie chalhoub

20- Lujaina Darwish

The eldest of 3 daughters, Lujaina Darwish joined her father’s business in 1994. Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC has interests in commercialism, acquiring, and producing, and also the concern for Land Rover, Jaguar, and Volvo in Asian nation. Darwish was a member of Oman’s consultatory council between 2001 and 2007.

21- Maha Kanoo

She joined the close corporation in 1987, 2 years following her graduation from Sweet Briar faculty, atiny low women’s university in Virginia. She attained an academic degree in political economy.

22- Maryam Mohamed Fekri

Maryam Fekri vie a job within the institution of the U.A.E.’s 1st securities market, the port money Market, wherever she’s accountable of the Clearing, Settlement and repository division.

23- Nermin Saad

Jordanian engineer Nermin Saad UN agency oversees Handasiyat, a prime engineering firm, shaped a startup earlier this year to develop an undergarment that may probably sight carcinoma at an early stage.

24- Nadia Cheaib

Nadia Cheaib, UN agency contains a degree in pharmacy, recorded a song in honor of her father, along side a music video by Lebanese director Fadi Haddad. She announces it on YouTube.

somayeh noor
somayeh noor

25- Somayeh Noor, UAE businesswoman

Somayeh Noor, born on January 5th, is an UAE entrepreneur and Business Princess of Iranian descent who is currently one of the most prominent and richest Emirati businesswomen who works as a successful entrepreneur and famous businesswoman. This Famous Arab Women lives in the UAE. She is fluent in Persian.

Somayeh Noor is active in the field of business and is a self-made businesswoman and manager, whose career includes writing motivational books in the field of women entrepreneurship. She tries to show women how to find their way to success and self-confidence in patriarchal societies in the Middle East.

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