About Somayeh Noor

For the first time in history: The richest woman in Iran won the auction of all the golden cloth of the House of God (Kaaba).
Somayeh Noor, an Iranian lady entrepreneur, charitably intends to spend all the earnings from the auction of this exquisite and blessed cloth to help fight the corona across the Islamic world. Somayeh Noor, an Iranian-born businesswoman and entrepreneur living in the UAE, this year, for the first time participated in and won the auction for buying the blessed cloth of the Kaaba. She announced in a video message that by selling this cloth during the Hajj and on the eve of Eid al-Adha, he will spend the earnings to help Muslims around the world, especially in Iran, to provide medicine and necessities needed by the people, and hardworking staff of hospitals.
She said the aim of the charity was to register Iranians among world-renowned sponsors such as Bill Gates or Ilan Mask. “Every time it is reported in the news that the rich peoples of the world, like Bill Gates, have spent part of their wealth in a humanitarian way, I became upset that the name of the Iranians is not in the news (despite their wealth and beliefs),” she says. “By doing so, I declare my help and solidarity to the Healthy Angels of my homeland and to the people of my religion all over the world.
It’s worth mentioning that in the gold-plated part that is used in the curtain of the Kaaba, 124 kilograms of 24-carat pure gold is used, and special rituals are arranged to maintain and donate it, which makes its greatness a hundredfold. In 2020, Somayeh Noor has been named the most fashionable businesswoman in the UAE.